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Past event

The Reality of Teaching and Learning, Can Neuroscience Contribute?

The Education Endowment Foundation and Wellcome Trust are working together to build research expertise and knowledge at the interface between education and neuroscience. A new funding initiative was launched In January 2014 to ‘evaluate and communicate the impact of education interventions grounded in neuroscience research’.

The members of the BERA Neuroscience and Education SIG are hosting a workshop on Saturday 22 March as a response to this funding call. It will be an opportunity for teachers, practitioners, educational researchers, and neuroscientists to get together and share the experience of education in practice in the context of what neuroscience might have to offer. The format for the day will include at least two invited speakers and a number of breakout sessions to give attendees an opportunity to network.

A lively, interactive opportunity to explore:

Whether neuroscience can contribute to the problems, social and academic, encountered by teachers in the classroom

Whether neuroscience can contribute to teacher training and development

What is the evidence? how is it evaluated?

How do teachers and educational researchers become ‘critical consumers’ of neuroscience?

What ethical considerations arise when interventions arising from neuroscience research are applied in the classroom?

BERA Members £10, Non-BERA members £15 and Students £5.