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Past event Part of series: Research Commission: Poverty and Policy Advocacy

Lessons from the past to inform the future

RC Logo (Poverty and Policy)The BERA Commission on Poverty and Policy Advocacy: seminar series

Online registration has now closed. If you want to attend this event, please email for details of how to register onsite.

The BERA Poverty and Policy Commission aims to influence and broaden public debate on the role of education to improve the life chances of children & youth living in poverty. The Commission comprises six interlinked seminars that provide spaces for academics, teachers and policy makers across the four jurisdictions of the UK to engage in knowledge building about poverty and cumulative multiple deprivations as these find expression in education and schooling.

The fifth seminar in the series will focus on the lessons that we can learn from the history of policy rhetoric and implementation in relation to poverty and young people’s education. The sessions will discuss policy in relation to: the language of poverty; gender; diversity; and recent government policies.

10.00 Coffee and registration (common Room)
10.30 Introductions and welcome to Oxford
10.40 Framing seminar 5    
Dr Ian Thompson, University of Oxford
11.00 Linking Research and Policy: a Sceptical View
Professor Geoff Whitty, Bath Spa University
11.45 No Angry, and no Compassionate Voice? Poverty, policy and gender
Dr Sara Delamont, University of Cardiff
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Professor Gabrielle Ivinson Chair of BERA Commission Poverty and Policy Advocacy
13.45 Educational Researcher as Public Servant: reflecting on 30 years in the business
Professor Gaby Weiner, University of Sussex 
14.30 The Language of Poverty – the Poverty of Language
Professor Ian Menter, University of Oxford
15.15 Tea
15.30 Panel Discussion & Wrap up
16.00 Close of meeting