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Upcoming event

Decolonising the Curriculum: Challenges and Opportunities for Teaching and Learning

In advancing opportunities to expand upon discussions of the research work found in BERA Research Intelligence Issue 142 on Decolonising the Curriculum, this special event led by convenors of the BERA Race Ethnicity and Education Special Interest Group will be held at the University of West of Scotland, Paisley. We will bring together academic scholars, primary and secondary schoolteachers, college lecturers, higher education academics, phD students and researchers involved with education from across Scotland, England. Wales and Northern Ireland to share on the pedagogic challenges and opportunities with decolonising the curriculum. At the core is considering the importance of challenging the generally Eurocentric epistemological default positioning of school, college and university curricula. A raised awareness of this will be modelled at the event through workshops offering findings from national and international evidence-based research, and critical theoretical perspectives used to assist with advancing approaches to practice in schools, colleges and universities.


Registration & light lunch
13.00 Welcome and Introduction
Dr Marlon Moncrieffe, University of Brighton; Dr Nighet Riaz, University of the West of Scotland and Dr Pere Ayling, University of Suffolk
13.15 Action on Decolonising the curriculum in Scotland
Professor Rowena Arshad, University of Edinburgh
14.00 Break
14.15 Parallel Symposium
Learning and reflections on articles in RI Issue 142

The challenges of decolonising the history curriculum
Professor Rebecca Harris, University of Reading

Decolonising the mind: Using the colonial habitus to disrupt the dominant discourse of ‘white school’ as top quality school in Nigeria

Dr Pere Ayling, University of Suffolk

Integration and Decolonising the English Curriculum
Dr Richard Race, University of Roehampton

Imposter syndrome: Part ‘self’ part ‘other’

Dr Nighet Riaz ,University of West Scotland

15.15 Coffee Break
15.30 Parallel workshsop
Pedagogical approaches to decolonising the curriculum
  ‘I bring my hijab, my colour and my culture into the classroom’: Making the Hidden Curriculum Visible

 Khadija Mohammed
University of West Scotland
The first step to decolonising the curriculum is to decolonise our academic minds 

Dr Chrissie Dacosta, University of Suffolk

16.15 Plenary and event evaluation
16.30 Networking
17.00 Close of event