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Past event Part of series: Research Commission: Reviewing the Potential and Challenges of Developing STEAM Education

Creative pedagogies and partnerships across the arts and science

The BERRC Logo (Reviewing the potential)A Commission on Reviewing the potential and challenges of developing STEAM education through creative pedagogies for 21st learning: seminar series



This fourth extended conversation at Warwick will focus upon the potential of arts-based, creative pedagogies to foster inclusive, participatory and interdisciplinary learning in science and engineering (the commissions third key question) and the role of external partnerships.

The morning will focus upon STEAM from a schools and teacher perspective.

The afternoon session, as the concluding extended dialogue, will review ideas identified in the morning as priorities for future research.

09.30 Registration, tea / coffee and viewing STEAM project displays
10.00 Welcome and questions for the morning
Jo Trowsdale

  • What is the appeal of arts-based, creative pedagogies in science, technology, or maths education?
  • What is the value of such practice?
  • What are the issues of working with external partners in doing so?
  • What are the challenges in developing such practice?
10.05 The CREATIONS Project
Dr Lindsay Hetherington and Charlotte Slade
10.25 Group Discussion 
10.45 The Imagineerium Initiative
Jane Hytch and Jo Trowsdale
11.00 Group Discussion
11.20 The Get Wet Project
Professor Pat Thomson and Dr Andrew Townsend
11.40 Group Discussion
12.00 Shaping up your group responses; viewing others
12.30 Responses to emerging group responses
Jocelyn Cunningham – a cultural / arts perspective
Dr Rebecca Cain – an engineering perspective
Dr Gaynor Sharp– a STEM education perspective
Richard Machin – a schools’ perspective
All contributors
13.00 LUNCH; Comments on group responses
13.45 Themes & Issues from the commission to date
14.00 Reviewing the themes from morning in different groups
15.20 Feedback from groups to the room
15.50 Final response from Commission Lead
Laura Colucci-Gray
16.00 Thanks / Close