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Editors’ Choice paper prize for Curriculum Journal Volume 24 (2013)

The Editors are delighted to announce the winner of the Editors’ Choice paper prize for Volume 24 (2013):

Time for curriculum reform: the case of mathematics Andrew Noyes, Geoff Wake & Pat Drake Volume 24, Issue 4

Also shortlisted were:

Skills for innovation: envisioning an education that prepares for the changing world Cristobal Cobo Volume 24, Issue 1

A review of curriculum in the UK: internationalising in a changing context Mary Hayden Volume 24, Issue 1

Teaching and learning in a competence-based curriculum: the case of four secondary schools in England Jenny Byrne, Christopher Downey & Ana Souza Volume 24, Issue 3

Teachers’ perspectives on curriculum making in Primary Geography in England Simon Catling Volume 24, Issue 3

Teachers and school culture before and after 1989: teachers in one school remember the political changes that affected their world Dana Moree Volume 24, Issue 4