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BERJ Editors’ Choice Award

The new team of BERJ editors are building on the outgoing Editorial Team’s practice of celebrating success through nominating a ‘Paper of the Year’. They have chosen to rename this award ‘Editors’ Choice’.

Three papers from 2013 were nominated for the award.

The BERJ 2014 Editor’s Choice Award recipients are:

  • Ruth Lupton and Martin Thrupp, ‘Headteachers’ reading of and responses to disadvantaged contexts: evidence from English primary schools’ 39 (4) 769-788.

Shortlisted papers:

  • Peter Davies, Jean Mangan, Amanda Hughes and Kim Slack, ‘Labour market motivation and undergraduate’s choice of degree subject’ 39 (2) 320-382.
  • Susan Hallam and Samantha Parsons ‘Prevalence of streaming in UK primary schools: evidence from the Millennium Cohort Study’ 39 (3) 514-544.


All papers are available free for a short period through Wiley’s online library but are also free to all BERA members

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