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BERA International Representation Funding Scheme

One of the most important drivers of BERA’s international strategy is to facilitate exchanges of ideas and understandings between colleagues in different regions. This strategy acknowledges the importance of cross-country and multiple-country partnerships, and the importance of collaboration with research and education communities seeking to advance their own practice. At times, this facilitation may involve contributions to specific topics of interest that require the benefit of international perspectives, for example on national/international educational policies and/or practitioner research. BERA will seek to create and contribute to opportunities that foster engagement with research, policy, practice, and topics related to belonging to an academic community.

This application form is for BERA Members to apply for BERA funding to attend an international conference (non BERA event). This should be to attend events up to 6 months after the close date.

Applications are particularly welcomed where applicants have submitted (and preferably had accepted) abstracts for presentation. 

There are three application periods per year as follows:

  • Period 1: 16th March 2020 – 15th July 2020 (This period has been cancelled due to the ongoing uncertainty)
  • Period 2: 16th July 2020 – 15th November 2020
  • Period 3: 16th November 2020– 15th March 2021

The event for which you are seeking financial support must take place at least 3 months after the closing date of the period within which you submit your application, to attend events up to 6 months after the close date. By doing so, it means that applicants receive a decision regarding the outcome of their application well in advance of the event taking place. As such, it enables best use to be made of the financial support, for example, enabling successful applicants to take advantage of ‘early bird’ conference registrations fees.

Successful applicants will need to submit a report to BERA outlining their experiences and will also contribute a BERA blog on the research they presented at the conference (where applicable).

Applications will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Clarity of the focus of the research
  • Rigour of the research
  • Relevance to BERA’s international strategy
  • Relevance to the audience of the event they are proposing to attend
  • Opportunities for developing and sustaining relationships

N.B: All claims must be made in accordance with BERA’s expenses policy which can be found here

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