BERA Ethics Case Studies

BERA is seeking proposals from individual academics who wish to act as editor of a proposed series of three case studies on ethical decision-making in educational research (with the potential for that series to subsequently be expanded). The deadline for proposals is Wednesday 30 January 2019.

BERA is the publisher of the Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research, the revised and expanded fourth edition of which was published in June 2018. It is a highly valued resource within the education and educational research sector, and is central to BERA’s brand and organisational mission.

BERA has resolved to supplement its Ethical Guidelines with a series of illustrative case studies that give concrete examples of how those guidelines can be and/or have been applied in the course of research, and more generally to illustrate the ethical decision-making process – particularly at moments of difficulty or when dilemmas are presented.

These case studies may be based on real scenarios or invented, illustrative ones, and each should refer explicitly and directly to the section(s) of BERA’s Ethical Guidelines to which they are relevant. Our intention is not that these case studies will constitute supplementary guidance, but rather that they will offer purely illustrative examples.

BERA is seeking proposals from individual academics who wish to act as editor of the proposed series of three case studies, which will involve commissioning, editing and/or writing each case study according to a process that should be outlined in each proposal. The remuneration on offer for this work is £2,000.

Click here to download the full call for proposals, including all the necessary details on how to apply.