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Schooling, Social Cohesion and ‘Britishness’

11 September 2014

The study explored the politics of Britishness in a large culturally diverse English secondary school. It examined dominant view that social disharmony is connected with minority groups’ failure to assimilate with mainstream ‘British’ (read White/Anglo) culture. The study challenges...Read More

Educational Capital and Generational Aspirations amongst British Asians

11 September 2014

This study examines intergenerational dynamics amongst British South Asians regarding education and family life. It explores the perspectives of grandparents, parents and young people to establish how family attributes and education are perceived by these groups, and how family values regarding...Read More

The Legitimation of Meritocracy in Government Discourse 2007-2013

7 September 2014

This study explored how policy narratives were created in the era in which Ed Balls and then Michael Gove were Secretary of State for Education, in successive governments of New Labour and the Coalition. It found that in both governments’ discourse, a distinctive policy narrative is created...Read More

Summer 2014

29 August 2014

Postgraduate Researchers in the Spotlight. Supervising Doctoral Students: a delicate balance; Current UK Postgraduate Policies and Developments; De-institutionalising Doctoral Education: The DIY PhD? Expanding Postgraduate Learning Communities; The View from the Part-Time Doctoral...Read More