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Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research, fourth edition (2018)

20 June 2018

This extensively revised, expanded and updated fourth edition of BERA's Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research is designed to support educational researchers in conducting research to the highest ethical standards in any and all contexts. They unequivocally recognise and celebrate the...Read More


7 March 2018

Research Intelligence issue 135: Public Engagement and Impact Featuring: Socially critical research at the research/policy interface USVreact: Universities Supporting Victims of Sexual Violence Computing in the Curriculum: Identifying and responding to the challenges The view from...Read More


1 November 2017

Research Intelligence Issue 134: Emerging Research Agendas: Conclusions from BERA's Research Intelligence: Featuring: Poverty and Policy Advocacy Teacher and Medical Education STEAM    Read More


18 July 2017

Research Intelligence Issue 133: Methodological Challenges Delivering and Evaluating Interventions in War-Affected, Low-Income Countries Theories of Change and their application in policy and practice Featuring: Christine Salzer John Jerrim John McMullen Nick Tilley Paul E....Read More

The European Educational Research Journal (EERJ)

10 July 2017

The European Educational Research Journal (EERJ) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal interested in the changing landscape of education research across Europe. The EERJ publishes education research papers and special issues which include a reflection on how the European context and other...Read More


14 February 2017

Research Intelligence Issue 132 - Researching Marginalised GroupsRead More