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Summer 2013

31 July 2013

Challenge and Change in Teacher Education Research-Informed Teacher Education for a New Era? Research Matters: School Direct Changing Trends in Teacher Education Policy and Practice What Kind of Occupation is Teaching? Educating Educators? A view from Scotland
Issue No: 121
Publication...Read More

Spring 2013

31 March 2013

Open Access: The Future of Academic Publishing? A Recipe for the Evolution of Scholarly Publishing Making Sense of Open Access Creating a New Open Access Journal: A case study Academic Spring Open Access: An international case study Issue No: 120
Publication date: April 2013 Research...Read More

Review of Education

1 January 2013

Review of Education is an international peer reviewed journal for the publication of major and substantial articles of interest to researchers in education and is expected to become a major focal point for the publication of educational research from throughout the world. The journal is...Read More

British Journal of Education Technology

1 January 2013

Since 2010, BERA has been proud to add the very influential British Journal of Educational Technology (BJET) to its publications portfolio. BJET provides readers with the widest possible coverage of developments in educational technology world-wide and is the primary source for academics and...Read More

British Education Research Journal

1 January 2013

The British Educational Research Journal (BERJ) is BERA's flagship journal, and has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Indexed by the Institute of Scientific Information, Philadelphia on the Social Science Citation Index, its impact factor has increased in each successive year. In...Read More

The Curriculum Journal

1 January 2013

The Curriculum Journal is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes original contributions to the study of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. Papers reporting empirical studies and theoretical analyses from a range of perspectives, including philosophical and historical, are...Read More