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Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT)

31 March 2014

Professor Anne Edwards To cite this reference: Edwards, A. (2011) Cultural Historical Activity Theory, British Educational Research Association on-line resource. Available on-line at [INSERT WEB PAGE ADDRESS HERE] Last accessed [insert date here] CHAT offers a broad approach to analysing...Read More

Spring 2014

21 March 2014

40 Years On: Reflections on Educational Research Higher Education and Globalisation Research on Classroom Interaction: The spectrum since 1970 40 Years On: Research into teacher-student talk The Rise of Assessment as Educational Research Racism and Social Theory No: 123 Publication date: March...Read More

Autumn/Winter 2013

20 November 2013

Diversity, Aspiration and Equality in Education Celebrity and Youth Aspirations: The significance of hard work Diversity, School Exclusion and Inequality Human Rights and Sexual Diversity: In South African classrooms Exploring Educational Success Against the Odds Addressing Race and...Read More