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Spring 2014

21 March 2014

40 Years On: Reflections on Educational Research Higher Education and Globalisation Research on Classroom Interaction: The spectrum since 1970 40 Years On: Research into teacher-student talk The Rise of Assessment as Educational Research Racism and Social Theory No: 123 Publication date: March...Read More

Autumn/Winter 2013

20 November 2013

Diversity, Aspiration and Equality in Education Celebrity and Youth Aspirations: The significance of hard work Diversity, School Exclusion and Inequality Human Rights and Sexual Diversity: In South African classrooms Exploring Educational Success Against the Odds Addressing Race and...Read More

The BERA Charter for Research Staff in Education

19 November 2013

The BERA Charter for Research Staff in Education replaces the previous version of the charter, THE 2008 BERA CHARTER FOR RESEARCH STAFF: promoting quality conditions for conducting quality research (2008). You can read the guidelines online.Read More

Personalisation and student voice

31 August 2013

The New Labour Government (1997-2010) announced personalised learning as an idea ‘exciting’ the profession and one that promised ‘radical implications’ for the shape of education in England.  The policy included propositions about engaging student voice in learning, but how did young...Read More