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Across the global context of disrupted schooling during the pandemic, interest in alternative methods, progressive philosophies, learner participation and engagement have been amplified. Against this wider emergent context, some groups and communities have and to continue facilitate alternative possibilities within and across the boundaries of formal mainstream education. The alternative education special interest group invites you to join us for an interactive and dynamic webinar that showcases research in the field across distinct educational stages (from nursery to higher education).


Yuval Dror, Professor

Tel-Aviv University

Prof. Yuval Dror is studying the field of progressive education from an historical perspective for many years and published over 50 articles and books on this issues. In addition, Prof. Dror initiated and established the specialization in...

Gadi Bialik

Senior lecturer at Kibbutzim College of Education

Gadi Bialik (Ph.D) is a senior lecturer in the Kibbutzim College of Education and the upcoming Head of the Educational Administration Department. His areas of interest are Educational-Change; The Development of Social Justice Educational...

Rony Ramot

Director of the unique teacher education unit at Kibbutzim College of Education

Rony Ramot, in the final stages of completing her doctorate at Tel Aviv University. Her PhD deals with teacher education policy in Israeli universities in light of research and development policy. For more than a decade in teaching and management...

Anat Shamir

Manager at Unistream

In the past, an educator in a democratic kindergarten. Today, manager of Unistream's youth innovation center in Netanya.

Karen Rosin

High school teacher at Branco Weiss

Former high school teacher and teacher's coordinator. Currently is working  for Branco Weiss, a social-educational organization which aims to improve and enhance opportunities available for children and pupils. Primary field is working with...

Nohav Oren

Coordinator at Yachad Modiin

In the past he served as director of the Israeli Youth Organization “Tzameret”, for religious and secular youth. He served as a Jewish Agency educational emissary in Helsinki, Finland. Today Nohav coordinates all of the Jewish studies at...

Run Aluf

Run recently worked as the Director of Noam Olami, the global network for Masorti youth. Previous to this he worked at Diller Teen Fellows and has a passion for informal Jewish education. Run has a degree in education & society and he completed...

Michal Merton

Manager at Joint-Ashalim

Michal Merton was a guide and instructor in the “Hashomer-Hatzair” youth movement. After that, she was a member of the movement in her adult life, until the age of 34. She was a training coordinator, established an association of informal...

Ilai tzachor


Ilai tzachor, age 31. Born and raised in a kibbutz, I’m passionate about education philosophy and passion for education also stems from the broken reality of the system as I’m beginning to understand policymakers. I worked as a teacher,...