Social Theory and Education

STaE-RedThe Social Theory and Education SIG aims to support and develop theoretically informed educational research, to engage with and facilitate new social theory and to explore the relationships between theory-work and research. Social theory here refers to the use of theoretical frameworks to explain and analyse social action, social meanings and large-scale social structures. The field is interdisciplinary, drawing ideas from a range of contributing disciplines but particularly from politics, philosophy and sociology. Social theory aims to develop concepts and ontologies that can provide social research with conceptual and methodological tools for analytical and interpretational work. The SIG plans to accommodate and encourage work which applies and develops ideas and concepts from social theory to education research, as well as exploring and critiquing the contributions to education of major social theorists. Our primary focus is substantive research applications of social theory, but we will also seek to support the development of new theoretical work and reflexively consider the role of theory in relation to research and the analysis of data.

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Bringing policy into being through word and code

7 December 2017 | Blog

Today’s educational policy is co-produced, through policy bureaucrat’s words and technocrat’s lines of code. The global move towards digital governance and the digitising of educational practices relies heavily on the presence of software... [...]

Why we all need liberating from education’s gender war

31 October 2017 | Blog

Statistics released last week show that almost half of all young people in the UK enter higher education. But some groups are still far more likely to go on to university than others.[1] Whereas 55% of young women aged 18-30 become students, only... [...]

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Social Theory and Education

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