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The Neuroscience and Education SIG is now on hold due to a lack of current activity.

If you are interested in the SIG and would like to be considered as a new convenor please contact


The Neuroscience and Education SIG wishes to:

– Identify and evaluate research from neuroscience that is of educational interest

– Promote an understanding of neuroscience research within the educational community

– Establish a forum in which interdisciplinary issues can be discussed in a critical and cogent manner in a climate of openness and mutual respect

– Contribute to the building of research capacity in this interdisciplinary area, by encouraging interdisciplinary communication which examines theoretical, practical and strategic issues relevant to research linking the neurosciences and education

The SIG runs in parallel with the AERA SIG, ‘Brain, Neurosciences and Education’.

Latest SIG Content

How can cognitive load theory be applied to the teaching of history?

14 November 2018 | Blog

As a follower of a variety of educational blogs and their Twitter accounts, I became aware of a large number of people talking about the development of cognitive load theory and the impact it could have for teaching. When Dylan Wiliam tweeted... [...]

Using evidence-informed resources to accelerate learning

14 May 2018 | Blog

Research in the field of cognitive sciences is constantly unveiling ways that enhance memory and learning. Nevertheless, as previously mentioned in the BERA blog (Younie 2017), findings from scientific investigation do not always reach... [...]

Bringing Neuroscience Towards Alternative Education?

6 March 2017 | Blog

On March 10th 2017, at Newman University, UK, an event attempting to better understand the interface of neuroscience and alternative education occurs. What happens? Well as we write this the event is yet to take place. We are still busy ordering... [...]

What can neuroscience offer alternative education research?

10 March 2017 | Event

Online registration has now closed. If you want to attend this event, please email for details of how to register onsite. This relaxed and friendly day event at Newman University, Birmingham—organised by the BERA... [...]

Techno-science products for Education. What is on the horizon?

7 November 2016 | Blog

Schools are bombarded with products and courses that claim to be informed by research in Neuroscience and/or Digital Technology. Despite warnings from the OECD, the Royal Society (UK), the Wellcome Trust (UK) and Deans for Impact (USA), about the... [...]

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