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    Yuwei Xu
    University of Portsmouth


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    Deanne Clouder
    Coventry University

    Hi everyone

    My name is Lynn Clouder. Tim Jay are I are taking over the SIG convenor role from Liz Todd in September. We hope to meet lots of you at the conference and get your ideas about what you would like to get from the SIG.



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    Sally Howard
    Oxford Brookes University

    Looking forward to Leeds

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    Anke Twigg-Flesner
    Hartpury College

    Is this forum/ SIG still active?

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    Anna Reid
    James Calvert Spence College

    Hi Anke

    The SIG forum is very much alive. It operates alongside our SIG newsletters. Have you received them? Please do stay in touch and let us know your ideas about Educational Leadership and what you think we need to do next.

    With very best wishes


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    Jennifer A Hawkins
    Manchester Metropolitan University

    Hi Anna,

    I am coming to BERA 2017 – just got your newsletter and hope to attend your sig meeting – if I can work out when it is from the programme – so huge now! I am publishing my (probably) one off book about my feelings collaborative research soon at the age of 70 with Palgrave – ‘Feelings and Emotion-based Learning: A New Theory’

    I intend my book will be my last – as I am now seriously pursuing my interest in painting, but I am keen to send it on its way as best I can and stay in the dialogue for a while to be a catalyst and facilitate teachers and social practitioners with similar humanitarian aims. I hope to find similarly minded people doing similar research who might be interested to exchange ideas – my discussion links are on the front of my website:-

    I would like to put a link to my book with a 20% discount if ordered at BERA but am not sure if this is allowed.

    Best wishes,

    Dr. Jenny Hawkins

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    Anna Reid
    James Calvert Spence College

    Dear Jenny

    Thanks for getting in touch :o)

    Great news that you are coming to the annual conference.  I will be working my way through the programme over the weekend to refresh my memory about which events are on when.  Our SIG forum is on Wednesday 5 September, from 2.35-3.25pm.

    Great news also on your book (even though it sounds like it might be your last).  I would like to help out in a personal capacity if at all possible and I have forwarded your query about the discount to the BERA Office for their advice.

    Looking forward to meeting you next week.

    With very best wishes


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    Jennifer A Hawkins
    Manchester Metropolitan University

    Thank you Anna…great to hear from you! I have repeatedly explained to Palgrave (now Springer) in New York just how big BERA is, but I think she has gone off on holiday! She told me there would be 20% off but has not yet given me a contact to a UK representative!


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    Anna Reid
    James Calvert Spence College

    Dear Jenny

    We have received this reply from the BERA office.  If you have any flyers, etc. please do bring them to the SIG fair at 12.30pm today and we can distribute them for you.  Also, it would be great to meet you.

    ‘Dear Anna, Thank you for your email. You are welcome to put something about this on your SIG stand. Also it looks like the book is published by Palgrave who are exhibiting at the conference so they can also liaise directly with them. Kind regards’

    With very best wishes


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