Advertising Standards Authority – Gender Stereotyping Project

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    Nicola Rollock
    Goldsmiths College University of London

    Dear Colleagues

    Please see the below communication from ASA.  They are especially keen to hear views beyond the typical i.e not just about the depiction of white women.

    Please contact them with your comments directly.

    With thanks





    Dear Dr Rollock

    Thank you for your time today. As discussed, the Advertising Standards Authority is currently carrying out a project to explore its position on gender stereotyping in ads. One of the key aims of the project is to seek views and gain insight from a range of stakeholders. We would be grateful if you could share our press release and call for evidence with colleagues who you think might hold relevant research or be interested in the subject matter more generally. We are currently in the scoping stage of the project and although the press release states the deadline as the end of June, at this stage we expect that any research received by 22 July would be in time to help inform our public research brief. Research submissions received after that would not be able to inform the scope of the public research but of course would still be very welcome.

    We are happy to receive research, commentary and questions to this email address (

    Kind regards


    <span lang=”en-US”><b>Gender project team</b></span><span lang=”en-US”> </span>

    <span lang=”en-US”>Advertising Standards Authority</span>

    <span lang=”en-US”>Mid City Place</span><span lang=”en-US”>71 High Holborn</span><span lang=”en-US”>London WC1V 6QT</span><span lang=”en-US”>Telephone 020 7492 2222</span><span lang=”en-US”></span> Follow us on twitter: @ASA_UK<span lang=”en-US”> </span><span lang=”en-US”>Legal, decent, honest and truthful</span>

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