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Special Interest Group

Science Education

The group’s interests include: formal science curricula practised in schools, colleges and universities; the promotion of public understanding of science through the media, museums, exhibitions and literature; and science education of students of any age or cultural background. Our interests in curriculum development include policy issues addressing problems in assessment, using new technologies, providing differentiated learning experiences and developing investigative approaches. We seek to explore differences between science curricula offered in different countries and the relationship between science and technology. We are also interested in the teaching and learning of the philosophy of science including the history of science, the language of science, the mental models used in science and graphic representation in science. Our aims include

  • to highlight the achievements of science education
  • to provide a forum for science education research between scientists and non-scientists
  • to collaborate with and co-ordinate the work of other SIGs in the science area
  • to provide support for researchers and practitioner researchers in science education
  • to make recommendations to the BERA council on matters of policy within science education
  • to support ITT and student researchers in science education
  • to develop a self help network of researchers in science education within BERA
  • to promote lifelong learning in and motivation towards science
  • to achieve an appropriate balance of science for future scientists and science for democracy.

SIG Convenors

Nicoleta Gaciu, Dr

Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University

Nicoleta is an active researcher and she has considerable experience in research methods, theoretical Physics, numerical simulations and tutoring various disciplines (Education, Physics, Mathematics, Computing, and Statistics) in universities...

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