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Education for our planet and our future

Climate change is arguably the most pressing educational imperative of modern times, yet in our universities and communities – and within BERA itself – it remains relatively underdiscussed....

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BERA Blog end of year highlights

Every year, the lead editor of the BERA Blog, Professor Gerry Czerniawski, collates his chosen blogs from throughout the year, showcasing the best of educational research. Reaching readers in 223...

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Reimagining a curriculum for teacher knowledge

This special issue of the BERA Blog, presented by the British Curriculum Forum, aims to reimagine a curriculum for teacher knowledge for the 21st century, across the four nations of the UK and...

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BERA Blog Special Issues: General Election 2017

Special Edition of the BERA Blog - Focus on the Election 2017 With education a significant factor determining who votes and for which parties, the BERA Blog has published 4 posts in the run up to...

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BERA Blog Special Issues: BERA/TACTYC

To celebrate the launch of the BERA/TACTYC Early Childhood Research Review 2003-2017 we have a special edition of the BERA blog. Join the discussion. Influence the debate. #BERABlog

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