BERA at the 2016 AARE Annual Conference:

22 November 2016



BERA is pleased to have 3 symposiums at the 2016 AARE Annual Conference:

British Educational Research Association AARE Symposium- Learning Across the Professions: exploring the potential for transformation through inter-professional collaboration across the teacher education and medical education communities

Thursday 1 December
Hans Ebeling Room, Members Stand
Chair: Vivienne Marie Baumfield
Discussant: Jane Stewart
Vivienne Marie Baumfield- University of Exeter, Dragan IlicMonash University, Larissa Jane McLean Davies- University of Melbourne
Presentation 1: Lost in translation? Sharing knowledge and experiences of curriculum development in teacher education and medical education in the UK. The BERA Research Commission
Presentation 2: Teacher Education Effectiveness and Clinical models – a comparative research agenda
Presentation 3: Evaluating curriculum change in medical education through cost and value analysis
Presentation 4: Discussion: what are the costs and benefits of curriculum development through inter-professional learning?

Poverty on purpose: the constitution of disadvantages

Monday 28 November
Jack Ryder Room B, Great Southern Stand
Chair: Ian Thompson
Discussant: Susanne Gannon
Lori Beckett- Leeds Beckett University, Valerie Walkerdine- Cardiff University , Robert Hattam- University of South Australia, Gary McCulloch- University College London, Amanda Nuttall- Leeds Trinity University
Presentation 1: The generation of poverty and the creation of wealth
Presentation 2: Education against poverty? Education and poverty in historical perspective
Presentation 3: Developing an historical imaginary: ‘Free school meals’ in England
Presentation 4: Making up poverty as an educational problem
Presentation 5: Deficit narratives and lived realities: whose poverty is it?

Austerity, poverty and the diverging forms of symbolic control of schooling across four jurisdictions in the UK

Thursday 1 December 2016
Tom Wills Room, Great Southern Stand
Chair: Susanne Gannon
Discussant: Gabrielle Ivinson

Gabrielle Ivinson – Manchester Metropolitan University, Susanne Gannon-Western Sydney University, David Eagan – Wales Centre for Equity in Education, Ruth Leitch-Queen’s University Belfast, Joanne Hughes-Queen’s University Belfast, Tony Gallagher- Queen’s University Belfast, Lori Beckett- Leeds Beckett University, Ian Thompson-Oxford University , Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, England, UK,
Presentation 1: Education Community Partnerships: A Welsh Response to the Impact of Poverty on Education?
Presentation 2: Circling a conflicted policy landscape: Child poverty and education in Northern Ireland
Presentation 3: Rich details of poor students in England in a twin-city ethnography: symbolic control and the social imaginaries of poverty

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