BERA Brian Simon Fellowship

In our 40th anniversary year, BERA is delighted to announced the re-launch of the Brian Simon Fellowship.

Named in honour of Brian Simon, a leading post-war educationalist and former BERA President and following a bequest from his family, the purpose of the Fellowship is to encourage research that is independent, imaginative, scholarly and dedicated to educational advance.

BERA Announces winner of 2014 Brian Simon Fellowship

BERA is delighted to announce that Dr Johanna Waters, Associate Professor in Human Geography at the University of Oxford, has been awarded the Brian Simon Fellowship for 2014. The fellowship which commences in September 2014 includes funding for an 18-month qualitative study into internationalisation within secondary schools in England.

The project will involve interviews, web-analysis and ethnography within 10 schools, exploring different dimensions of ‘internationalisation’ in the contemporary school environment. This may include, but not be limited to, the presence of international pupils, the teaching of international curricula, the development of an overseas school presence (such as a ‘branch campus’), and school expeditions.


Fellowships are awarded to support a piece of research or a specific project which takes forward issues or perspectives on education to which Brian Simon himself was committed, for example:

• Common schooling;

• Pedagogy;

• Human intelligence;

• The history of education;

• International education; or

• Education and democracy.