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Five ways in which Edu-exit was the test run for Brexit


Brexit is the current and incredibly dangerous version of the ongoing and deeply rooted restructuring of UK health, welfare, security, and education services. Comparing the UK government reforms to public education in England with the Brexit strategy shows that there are similar processes underway. Notably education in England has, for over 40 years, experienced ‘Edu-exit’, […]

In pursuit of a secure base? Education commentary in times of socio-political uncertainty


In 1973, at the beginning of the 1970s international oil crisis, and amid emergent Watergate revelations, Paul Simon sang ‘we come in the age’s most uncertain hour…’. At around the same time in England, an impetus arose within the fragile Callaghan Labour government to exert more control over schools following the 1974 William Tyndale scandal […]

Call for papers for proposed BERJ special issue


Interrogating education: Critical thinking in the time of populist politics This is a call for papers for a proposed special issue of the British Educational Research Journal. The initial proposal developed by guest editors, Dr Saba Hussain and Dr Reva Yunus, has been shortlisted by the journal editors and is now being developed into a […]

Blog Highlights from 2016


The BERA Blog continues its ascendancy as one of the leading international blogs on education and what a year 2016 has been. Policy ‘busyness’ dominates much of the last 12 months blog fodder. The Education Committee’s inquiry (launched in November 2015) on the purpose and quality of education prompted a robust response from Teresa Cremin […]